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1.) The Iceberg Trail

A journey within the rugged east coast mountains, where steep - sided peaks are divided by deep, narrow, iceberg laden fjords. We backpack (with food drops every few days) along the coastline, over ridges and climb peaks offering incomparable views of the inland ice and the mountainous coastline stretching beyond the Arctic Circle.

From the village of Kulusuk a boat drops us at the head of a narrow fjord. We walk west towards the iceberg packed Sermilik Fjord, and camp close to its shore. Over two days we follow a broad ridge at 400m where with fjords, mountains and the icecap on all sides, it feels like walking along 'the roof of the world'.

We descend to a remote village and cross to Ammassalik Island on a fishing boat. After two strenuous mountain days we reach a lake system, where there is time to rest. From a final high point endless ranges of coastal mountains are revealed, along with giant icebergs within the polar stream, hugging the east coast.

Jos Mahon - artist
Jos travelled to Greenland with High Places in 2007. Click the link above and go to the Greenland pages to see her work.

Vincent Lowe - photographer
Vincent travelled to Greenland with High Places in 2005. Click the link above and go to the Greenland pages to see his work.


What our clients say…

“It was worth every penny. Great companionship too.”
Bernard Jarvis, Iceberg Trail, Greenland

What did you enjoy most about your trip?

“Being in superb wild mountainous country in a small self contained group of like minded souls leaving little or no footprint.”
Roger Robb, Iceberg Trail, Greenland

“Everything! The views were stupendous and so was the walking and camping.”
Bernard Jarvis Iceberg Trail, Greenland

“The stunning and unending beauty of Greenland, in all its variety – and the physical effort required to get to it and through it. There wasn’t a day without exhilirating sights, both panoramas and small particulars.”
Jim Whitman


Sometimes we camp close to the shore
Evening light on the Iceberg Trail
Chilly river crossing
High on the Iceberg Trail
Reykjavik rooftops
Anyone want a mud pack?' Photo Andy Dennis
Dettifoss Canyon. Photo Andy Dennis
Walking along the Mid Adlantic Ridge. Photo Andy Dennis



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